Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sam Maloof, you are AWESOME!

A few weeks ago, a couple weeks ago my good friends Max and Sal took a trip to LA to, among other things, hang out with our good friend Seth.  While we were in LA there was an exhibit on Sam Maloof in the Huntington Library.  He has been a hero of mine since I started woodworking.  Totally awesome and prolific.  

 I think this living room set up is so awesome.  Wishbone very well may have something like this in the near future.

 What?!?!?  All his joinery is so seamless.  Hard to tell where one piece ends and the other begins.
 This was one of my favorite.  Like a big wooden glove to sit in.  MMMmmm.

 I wish I got a picture where I didn't look like a jerk, but it was very exciting to sit in one of Sam's chairs.  It's so comfortable!  I learned so much just sitting down.  Really awesome!
The park was nice too.  There were trees there.

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