Saturday, February 25, 2012

Built In Studio - Oblique Shelf

Oblique Shelf
Solid Walnut and various colors

 These shelves were made in tandem with the Stealth Shelf.  They were designed by Built In Studio's and built by Wishbone Woodworking.  Please check out more of Built In's stuff on their website:

For such a simple looking shelf these were a real challenge to make.  Angles!

Built IN Studios-Stealth Shelf

Stealth Shelf
Solid Walnut with oil finish

These are a series of shelves that Wishbone made for our friends at Built In Studio.  These shelves are Built In's design, and we were the builders.  Please check out their web site:
 We made them in all sorts of colors too!  Fun project.

HEC (Home Entertainment Center)

A few months ago, my grandmother passed, and Tina and I drove out to Clyde, OH to attend her funeral.  On our way back to New York, we went through Warren, PA where Tina's mother grew up.  Warren was once a major supplier of lumber for the US.  Now not so much.  But there was one mill still open and we went to go see it.  It was awesome!  And one of the woods that they mill is Curly Maple.  It is beautiful, and so interesting to look at.  I had to buy some.  We got the guys to cut the pieces down so they would fit in the rental car, and we brought them back home.  Now they are the doors to our HEC.  Maybe soon they will also be a bench for the kitchen table.

 I like this because it's so small.  We've always been annoyed at how the TV becomes the center point of a room.  For the most part, all of our electronics fit inside, as does our small DVD collection and also some of the coffee table books that normally take up too much space on the table.

 Generally speaking I'm not very good at colors.  I don't understand how they work together, or why they don't work together.  But Tina helped out a bunch with this, and I think that it came out pretty good.  The exterior is a unassuming grey...It'd be nice to do this again with a lacquer finish.

Guitar Head

Guitar Head
Maple and Walnut
Polyurethane finish

This is a fun project that I did for a friend.  Originally I had intended to stain the outside a much darker color, but once it all went together it was too nice to color it.

3 Kings Tattoo

These are some small cabinets that we made for our friends over at 3 kings.  I thought I would post them so that if you're ever in there, you can say "Damn!  Look at that storage!"
 If you're in NYC and want a tattoo, the people here are the best.  Please check out their website
You may see some of Max and I's work.

Sam Maloof, you are AWESOME!

A few weeks ago, a couple weeks ago my good friends Max and Sal took a trip to LA to, among other things, hang out with our good friend Seth.  While we were in LA there was an exhibit on Sam Maloof in the Huntington Library.  He has been a hero of mine since I started woodworking.  Totally awesome and prolific.  

 I think this living room set up is so awesome.  Wishbone very well may have something like this in the near future.

 What?!?!?  All his joinery is so seamless.  Hard to tell where one piece ends and the other begins.
 This was one of my favorite.  Like a big wooden glove to sit in.  MMMmmm.

 I wish I got a picture where I didn't look like a jerk, but it was very exciting to sit in one of Sam's chairs.  It's so comfortable!  I learned so much just sitting down.  Really awesome!
The park was nice too.  There were trees there.