Sunday, April 10, 2011

Wishbone Woodworking

Max did this charcoal drawing for Wishbone. This will be featured in Carrier Pigeon Magazine this coming June. Please check out their site as well. I'm so proud of the work that they are doing and am beyond happy to be involved.

Stealth Shelf

Small Bookshelf - Walnut

Designed by BulitIN Studios, built by myself for Wishbone Woodworking.

Lots if tricky angles for such a small shelf.

Stained Oak Bookshelf

Bookshelf - Stained White Oak

This was designed by Brandi Harry with Indi Interiours, and built by Wishbone Woodworking. Because this bookcase was 13ft long x 8ft tall, it was brought in the house in over 50 pieces and completely assembled face down in their living room. Max proved his mighty strength when it came time to lift and set this in place.

These are some photos to show what the oak looks like before being stained and finished.

All of the grain for the back runs diagonally and continuous through each "cubby"