Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More guitar...

Yep...that's it so far. Work in progress, but almost there. Hopefully she'll be ready to shred in the next few weeks. Lucas' guitar is next.

All that headstock needs is a truss rod cover and a little inlay...soon...

Almost all the frets are in. Just need to trim them down and dress them up real nice. This was a much easier process than expected. I put doing this off for over a week.

Here's the back. The banding around the cavity cover took over 8 hours to do. Next time I'll be much smarter about how to do this.

All the knobs are turned on the lathe and made of ebony. Fancy!

This is what my little molars looked like pre-sanding. So tiny. They got better as I worked up the fretboard.

This is my first attempt at inlay. Mother of pearl into ebony. Black epoxy makes things pretty easy

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I'm building a guitar!

Mahogany and Maple

There is still some inlay and putting in of hardware, and fretboard stuff to do, but it's coming along. I'm taking orders for anybody that wants one...or two.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Cabinet and furniture work

Bench seating for De Young Museum. Lyptus. 2005
Bench seating for De Young Museum. Lyptus. 2005
Sea Cliff master bedroom. Cherry. 2006.
Sea Cliff kitchen. Cherry. 2006.
Sea Cliff kitchen. Cherry. 2006.
Mermaid inspired coffee table. Ash. 2007
Mermaid inspired coffee table. Ash. 2007
Stair treads and under stair shelving. Poplar. 2008
Under the stairs cabinets and shelving. Walnut. 2008

Small two drawer dressers. Walnut and Maple. 2008.

From one coast to another

I guess that this is the first blog that I have ever written, so I'm sorry if it looks like that as you are reading it. I have just moved from San Francisco after having lived there for the past nine years to New York. A lot of the same, a lot is very very different. I live in an apartment, with roommates in Brooklyn. Living with people is a treat that I forgot existed. Also living where there is public transit and coffee shops and grocery stores is amazing. I guess that this is what living in the city is supposed to be like.
I've been here for a little over a week and feel like this could be called home some time soon. I haven't thought of somewhere as being home in what seems like a long time. It's like asking someone to marry you. A commitment. Requires trust. More things seemingly forgotten.
This first week I have done a lot of things that I have wanted to do. I took a train across the country. That was interesting. Beautiful. Long. Forces you to meet and talk to people that you might not ever even look twice at. Defiantly not a bad experience.
Also I have moved! All my life in the Bay Area, and I moved. With no job. No plan. Few friends. I just moved because I wanted to. I sold almost all my stuff and got out. Never done that before. Also, thus far, not a bad experience. There is one missing piece to my glorious puzzle. Work and income. I guess that this is the reason that I really wanted to make a blog. A way to put some of the things that I have built online. A way for people to see that I can build things. Next post will be the past few years of things that I have built.