Monday, January 19, 2009

From one coast to another

I guess that this is the first blog that I have ever written, so I'm sorry if it looks like that as you are reading it. I have just moved from San Francisco after having lived there for the past nine years to New York. A lot of the same, a lot is very very different. I live in an apartment, with roommates in Brooklyn. Living with people is a treat that I forgot existed. Also living where there is public transit and coffee shops and grocery stores is amazing. I guess that this is what living in the city is supposed to be like.
I've been here for a little over a week and feel like this could be called home some time soon. I haven't thought of somewhere as being home in what seems like a long time. It's like asking someone to marry you. A commitment. Requires trust. More things seemingly forgotten.
This first week I have done a lot of things that I have wanted to do. I took a train across the country. That was interesting. Beautiful. Long. Forces you to meet and talk to people that you might not ever even look twice at. Defiantly not a bad experience.
Also I have moved! All my life in the Bay Area, and I moved. With no job. No plan. Few friends. I just moved because I wanted to. I sold almost all my stuff and got out. Never done that before. Also, thus far, not a bad experience. There is one missing piece to my glorious puzzle. Work and income. I guess that this is the reason that I really wanted to make a blog. A way to put some of the things that I have built online. A way for people to see that I can build things. Next post will be the past few years of things that I have built.

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  1. Well first off let me just say that I so impressed with your work. One of the things I can remember about our high school class is that we each were a bunch of creative minds that were never afraid to take chances or make sacrifices that could impact our future. I to have moved back and forth to take opportunities presented to me, and I have yet to regret anything thing, I feel like I'm living MY life...I commend you on taking a chance, continue to be brave, and confident in your decisions. From what I can see you have a great future ahead of you.