Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More guitar...

Yep...that's it so far. Work in progress, but almost there. Hopefully she'll be ready to shred in the next few weeks. Lucas' guitar is next.

All that headstock needs is a truss rod cover and a little inlay...soon...

Almost all the frets are in. Just need to trim them down and dress them up real nice. This was a much easier process than expected. I put doing this off for over a week.

Here's the back. The banding around the cavity cover took over 8 hours to do. Next time I'll be much smarter about how to do this.

All the knobs are turned on the lathe and made of ebony. Fancy!

This is what my little molars looked like pre-sanding. So tiny. They got better as I worked up the fretboard.

This is my first attempt at inlay. Mother of pearl into ebony. Black epoxy makes things pretty easy

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  1. Nice work, Alex! Hope to meet you and see Tinabean soon...check out this guy's work sometime; he might give you some additional inspiration: