Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Coffee Shop In Progress

In April of 2010 two friends moved to New York and opened a small espresso bar in SoHo. I was honored when they offered me the opportunity to build and help design their space. These are a few pictures of the process.

All of the lumber for this project is from a single tree. This is what it looked like when it got to the shop. It was a very exciting day.

Jon, Wes and I making the first cuts into the slabs of walnut, which will eventually become the stand up table and the window bar.

Each piece of wood wraps the entire length of the bar. This was both fun and challenging. Because each piece is so unique I tried to pick where I placed them very carefully to show of their natural beauty as best I could. I'm really pleased at how this came out.

This compound miter was more difficult than I expected. Luckily the wrapping of the grain and slight angle of everything overshadow the difficulty of the cut. In the end I think it looks good.

To figure out the angles for the Corian base of the stand up table, I used the Walnut top and some small pieces of ply wood to help find what was the best looking and most comfortable to stand at.

This is one of the craziest clamp ups I've ever done. All these clamps were actually needed to pull everything together.

This is the piece of walnut that will be the front window counter. This is what it looks like before the Tung oil finish is rubbed on. I love the purple and blue colors throughout the piece.

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