Thursday, February 24, 2011

12th St mill work

This a collection of pictures of work that I just completed with J.V. Woodworking, out of Brooklyn, NY. While this work is not my design, I did build a lot of the pieces and am proud to have been part of the job.

Built in Closet with integrated pulls. The cabinet is flush with the baseboard and surrounding walls
Entertainment center built-in. This piece was too large to transport and get into the elevator, so it had to be assembled on site. I think it came out pretty good.

Bedroom Dresser-Ash. The drawers are much deeper than the counter, but aren't seen because they are hidden in the wall.

Bathroom Vanity-Bamboo. All door and drawer pulls are integrated into the door or drawer face eliminating the need for a standard drawer pull. I like this because it shows the the wood grain with out much interruption.

Bathroom Vanity-Bamboo

Floating Bathroom Vanity-Walnut

I didn't make this piece, but I think it came out really great. The TP holder is solid walnut. Tricky business!

Radiator Cover. Not the most glamorous task, but surprisingly challenging. Came out pretty good in the end.

Kitchen- Parapan, Stainless Steel. Again, I can't take credit for this, but my friends Fabian and CJ did a wonderful job with this I couldn't not put it up on the blog. Parapan is a high-gloss acrylic that is more durable than high gloss lacquer. Somewhat difficult to work with, but totally succeeds at shinny.

Kitchen Island- Zebra Wood. There's a freezer, wine cooler, and microwave hidden in all that wood.


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