Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Floating Ouija Coffee Table

Floating Ouija Coffee Table
American Walnut and Curly Maple
Tung Oil finish

The Ouija table that is in the middle of this is custom made by a wonderful artist named Florian Bertmer.  Please check out his blog here

Tricky joinery makes the whole think look like it's floating.  Thank you James Krenov for the inspiration.

Every piece has a slight curve to it.  This is something that has always seamed very daunting to me, but once getting my system down, they went pretty smooth.  This is what they look like as I rough them out on the band saw.

Once all the legs we close, I used the large belt sander to get them a little closer to their final shape.  This is a new tool to me, and I'm learning all this great stuff you can do with it.  Anything with a curve becomes very easy to sand with this machine.  Also, this helps with some more of the sculptural aspects of wood work.  Curves are fun because they aren't as rigid as angles.  It's real easy to get carried away.
These are all the little pieces with all their mortice and tenons.

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