Sunday, June 5, 2011

Wishbone Woodworking's NEW SHOP!!! Pt. II

Here we go!

This is the best worker in the shop...MARTIN!!! It so wonderful to use such nice machinery.

This is our plywood lumber rack, the dust collector room and also there's an air compressor in there.

This is the office and also the stairs to the office being clamped up.

Sill need to get a little better organized in the office, but I think that it will be a nice place to work.

We did a lot of demo and reconstruction of the space. There was pipes and wires that had stopped being used years before we moved in. A lot of time was spent leveling out the floors and clearing the ceiling of junk.

This is our planner. It's a beast! It weighs 2750 lbs and as we struggled to get it into place the concrete of the floor gave way. We have since patched the hole, but what an ordeal.

This is as we first moved in, and Max is laying out the office and storage underneath.

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